Meet the Street

Meet the Street was a glorious coming together of all the projects from the first year of Quality Street

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An intergenerational celebration involving processions, percussion, kites, costumes, bunting and the unveiling of a new mural for all generations in Leyton.

In June 2019, over 300 participants, pupils, friends, family and neighbours came together for ‘Meet the Street Festival Day’.

The event showcased artworks created by older and younger people from from George Mitchell Primary, Leyton Orient Walking Football Club, Glebelands and Albany Court, extra care schemes. There was also an extraordinary amount of cake – thanks to the generosity of parents, friends and teachers from the school.

Watch the festival film below!

What did the community have to say?

We spoke to a range of community members to find out their thoughts, here are a selection of her interviews:

When school is the most fun thing ever
A different kind of family
The irresistible draw of joining in
Centenarian creativity
A view from friends and carers
Projects are for parents too