The irresistible draw of joining in…


Our Communications Manager, Deborah, spoke to people at the Meet The Street event in June 2019 to find out their thoughts about the Quality Street Project, here she finds out what Sue thinks. Sue originally got involved through her friend Chris who is living at Glebelands.

Sue: “The lady that I’m with is 100 years old. She’s a friend of ours and I visit her at the sheltered accommodation where she lives. They have this organisation [Magic Me] that brings young children to visit the sheltered accommodation, and I was visiting one day and got invited to stay, and I thought well I’ll stay for half and hour, well I’ve been taking part ever since.

I run the over 60’s club, we have a lunch on a Friday, it was started by a local vicar who realised there was nothing nicer than sitting down to a meal and having a chat. We’ve been running 10 years now. Chris had an accident, she got knocked down in Leabridge Road, and for quite a long time she couldn’t come to the club, and one of the other ladies used to visit her, and I like to hear this, about people meeting each other outside of the club. Apparently, what she (Chris) said was, ‘all my friends and family are dead now, I’ve got no friends’ and Joan says, ‘Well you come to the club, there’s loads of us there!’

I always tend to get involved in these things, they said ‘are you coming back’ and I said ‘oooh yes’”

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Photo above by Samia Meah