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Our Communications Manager, Deborah, spoke to people at the Meet The Street event in June 2019 to find out their thoughts about the Quality Street Project. Here she finds out Chris thinks. Chris is 100 years old and she lives in sheltered accommodation and took part in Quality Street with other residents from the Glebelands.

Chris: “Wonderful, what a crowd of people there’s been. The children have been wonderful, helpful, lovely.

Yeah, we’re going to miss them. Yeah, and it’s therapy as well for people. And the school…my son used to come to this school. I lost my boy when he was 52. At that time I lost a lot of people. But anyway, as I say, it’s been wonderful. And the girls, the ladies have been wonderful doing the costumes. Absolutely wonderful, they really have. The children, once they know you, there’s a little girl there and even in the parade she was waving to me, she came in when we were rehearsing and gave me a cuddle, I thought she was lovely, lovely little girl.”

Deborah “So would you, or do you want to do it again?”

Chris: “Yes, it’s been marvellous, and great how so many people were there and thank God the weather kept for it. It’s been wonderful, really great, I’ve enjoyed it so much, such a lot of hard work going in to it.”

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Photo above by Samia Meah