Quality Street

Connecting three generations in Leyton to create new connections through art projects, celebrations and street festivals

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In 2018, Magic Me and The L&Q Foundation teamed up with George Mitchell Primary School to bring three generations of residents in Leyton.

Quality Street Year 1

Our first year saw three intergenerational projects, Generations United, Wonderful Wednesdays, and Our Celebrations, come together in one joyful celebration – Meet the Street Festival 2019.

Over 300 participants – pupils, friends, family and neighbours – took part in the intergenerational event which involved processions, percussion, kites, costumes, bunting and the unveiling of a new mural on the wall of the playground.

We, as a school, feel very privileged to have been chosen to be part of this intergenerational project over the next two years. It is so important for our children to value older people in our community and to learn from them but also have a unique opportunity to work closely with them together for a goal they will all be part of and enjoy.

Helen Williams, Senior Deputy Head and Head of Primary at George Mitchell School Primary

Quality Street Year 2

We kicked of year two of Quality Street with Tapestry Tuesdays, bringing together pupils and residents of Albany Court to explore the local area from an intergenerational perspective.

Alongside creative projects, Magic Me established the Quality Street Working Group made up of local older and younger adults, to help take the project into the future.

In March 2020, due to the changing circumstances of COVID-19 we were sadly unable to go ahead with our plans for the rest of the year.

At Home Together

Between March and December 2020 we adapted projects and worked remotely with pupils at George Mitchell Primary and residents living at Albany Court and Glebelands, Extra Care Schemes. During this time, the Quality Street Working Group met regularly online and continued supporting projects.

We ran three remote projects  Our Story, Our Street, WE BLOOM Festival Day and The Colours of Us. These became part of Magic Me’s At Home Together programme, continuing to build connections between older and younger people even when we couldn’t be together in-person.

About the funder

The L&Q Foundation develops and funds social interventions that improve people’s chances in life and creates opportunities in our communities. Alongside this they invest in activities that increase opportunity and aspiration for both individuals and the wider communities they create and manage. They continue to work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for their residents and the greatest social return on their investment.




Featured image by Samia Meah