Our Story, Our Street

A remote project imagining Quality Street as a real road, reflecting two years of intergenerational work in Leyton

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Our Story, Our Street continued to connect Year 4 pupils and older people from Albany Court and Glebelands, extra care schemes, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Working remotely with artists Kathryn Horak-Hallett and Ben Connors the group were asked:

If we imagined Quality Street as a real road in Leyton, what would it look like? Who would live there? And how would it reflect all of our wonderful work over the past two years?

Through phone call interviews with older participants, we collected stories about the streets they had lived on. These stories became the inspiration for imagined characters and places. Year 4 were then sent creative activity packs to their homes and school, to help bring these imagined characters and places to life through drawing.

Both older and younger people’s responses were brought together in a short animation film.

Our Story, Our Street was part of Magic Me’s At Home Together Programme.