Our Expertise


Since 1989 Magic Me has pioneered intergenerational arts practices and developed high-quality arts initiatives for people living and working in care settings.

Our team of staff and artists are experienced at sharing our expertise with a range of individuals and sectors, including care professionals, care providers, educational settings, teachers, artists and community practitioners, housing associations, local authorities, cultural organisations and academics.

Commissioned Projects

Magic Me has worked with local authorities, housing associations, care providers and others to deliver contracted or commissioned projects, large and small. Here are a few examples of commissioned work:

  • Tower Hamlets Action on Loneliness
    Public Health Tower Hamlets commissioned Magic Me to run a year-long volunteering project to combat social isolation and loneliness amongst older people living in six care homes across the Borough. Find out morehere
  • Jewish Care Portraits of a Dream
    This photography project was commissioned to launch a new building on a care home site in north London. Magic Me artists worked with residents, staff and young adult volunteers to create a series of large portraits to hang in public areas of the building. Find out more about this project here.
Training & Mentoring

Magic Me have provided training to a range of organisations supporting others to develop the skills and understanding to run meaningful intergenerational arts projects. Training has focused on:

  • Intergenerational Arts Practice
  • Working with older people living independently or in care settings
  • Exploring the arts through an anti-ageist lense
Read more about bespoke training and mentoring here.Conferences
A highly stimulating, thought-provoking and useful day. Heartening to feel that our work was on the right track and corroborated, as it were. But also new ideas popped up, other ways of working that could be useful in developing our intergenerational work further.


We can provide a keynote speech, a workshop or an exercise for the whole conference, to get people thinking in a new way. Key staff have contributed to national events for intergenerational specialists, for local authorities and for professionals in housing and care for older people.

In 2018, Magic Me were invited by the British Council to attend a conference and fact-finding mission to South Korea.


Contact: Kate Hodson on kathodson@magicme.co.uk
Or call 020 3222 6064 if you would like to discuss any of the above.