Quality Street: The Colours of Us

The Colours of Us is the final project of Quality Street, celebrating two years of intergenerational connections in Leyton.

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In 2018, Magic Me and The L&Q Foundation teamed up with George Mitchell Primary School to create Quality Street. Over two years, three generations of residents in Leyton have come together to create new connections through art projects, celebrations and street festivals.

The Colours of Us is the final project of this two-year programme and brings together older and younger people to explore how colours can be used to represent people, events and feelings. Led by filmmaker, Chuck Blue Lowry and visual artist, Irene Pulga, Year 5 from George Mitchell Primary School and residents from Albany Court and Glebelands extra care schemes created a series of collages capturing their favourite memories of one another and Quality Street.

The project ran remotely between November and December 2020, with participants taking part through phone calls, activity packs sent in the post and a series of Zoom workshops with the school.

“Being able to talk to people has picked me up and kept me connected to the community.”

Older participant, Quality Street

Artworks from both groups were brought together in a Zine, which allowed participants to see everyone’s contributions and messages. The artists also produced a short film using audio captured during telephone calls with older participants The film was shared with Year 5 pupils in their final session and enabled them to hear directly from their older friends.

Featured images by residents living at Glebelands Sheltered Housing Scheme

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