Remember Us


Give the gift of a lifetime and remember us as part of your legacy; after you have remembered your family and friends of course. It is always difficult to think of life after we have gone but by remembering us you can still be part of combatting social isolation and loneliness. Legacy is an important way of thinking about the future. Here are a few ways you can remember us.

There are a number of ways to remember Magic Me in your will. Your solicitor can advise the best way for you. You can include a gift when you first make your will, or if you later decide to leave a gift, your existing will can be changed with the addition of a codicil by your solicitor. If you choose to leave a gift to us in your will, please ensure that you include our full registered charity name MAGIC ME and our Registered Charity No 328331

In Memorium
We are honoured to be chosen by a loved one to remember someone. Donating in memory is a special way to honour someone’s life.

There are different ways you can donate in memory:
Fundraise in their memory
Donate in memory of them
Collect donations at a memorial or funeral

Please contact us at

In Celebration
If you fancy a different way to celebrate a special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings then you can always leave a gift in celebration to us. When donating, please mention if it is a gift in celebration, leave a message and contact details, so we can get in contact to thank you, or alternatively please contact us