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Magic Me needs your help to support our older and younger people during these unprecedented times.

Magic Me gives older people a sense of purpose by connecting them with their neighbours in a meaningful and creative way. With younger people we give them the opportunity to gain confidence and reshape their perceptions on ageing and older people. Together, these unlikely partners are able to build a friendship that give them a stronger sense of wellbeing, community and self worth.

As we cannot meet in person, we are practising distant socialising through phone calls, video conversations and letters to help ease people’s sense of loneliness. We are also offering interesting, creative activities, which encourage interaction between people, and grow intergenerational understanding, while relieving social isolation and loneliness. See more at our ‘At Home Together’ programme.

“We are at each end of life but we are finding ways of relating to each other and talking to each other, which is absolutely enchanting and illuminating”

Be part of the movement and help even more people become connected to their local community.

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We value the support of everyone whom we work and collaborate with. Our donors, volunteers, participants, artists and partner organisations make our vital work possible.

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