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The After Party is Cocktails team's response to the changing situations around the Covid-19 virus, and is a new format for the Cocktails project over the coming months

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Magic Me’s longstanding, award winning Cocktails in Care Homes project saw us throwing monthly cocktail parties in care homes and extra care schemes across London. Parties were our response to reports of quiet and lonely evenings in care homes, and the inability of many residents to pop down the pub or out to socialise with friends, due to ill health, frailty and diminished energy. Many residents families live far away, and many didn’t have visitors for weeks at a time. By January 2020, we were throwing monthly parties in 18 care homes and extra care schemes across London, attended by over 400 volunteers and 500 residents per year, alongside care staff and family members. No two parties were ever the same, with activities and entertainment shaped by the interests of party goers. Sessions encompassed themed decor, music, dancing, games and magic, with support from specialist volunteers and creative organisations.

The After Party is Cocktails team’s response to the changing situations around the Covid-19 virus, and is a new format for the Cocktails project over the coming months. We aim to find new ways to fulfil our project aims of connecting young and older adults through regular social activity, even if we are no longer able to meet face to face. The current situation is unprecedented, and the future unpredictable, and we are eager for the project to take a new and dynamic shape, flexible and adjustable to the rapidly changing situation. Our core project’s aim to reduce social isolation in our communities has never been more pressing.

You are invited to Cocktails…..The After Party!
The After Party is an interactive project to keep the Cocktails community – volunteers, care home residents, staff and family members –  and wider community connected through fun, meaningful creative activity. While the project is designed with previous Cocktails in Care Homes participants in mind, you do not have to be a register Cocktails volunteer to take part – anyone and everyone is welcome to join us and take part in our activities!

The After Party is led by our team of Magic Me Artists Mia Harris, Kathy Horak-Hallett, Shepherd Manyika and Chuck Blue Lowry, where we will find new ways to engage in what we love most about parties: laughing, singing, dancing, debating and exploring together, now remotely and from afar.

How are residents and care staff getting involved?
Each month, After Party care partners receive newsletters from Magic Me which include our artist actions and activities, alongside personalised messages from Cocktails Volunteers.
After Party ‘Care Package’ is sent via post by Magic Me and our artists, which includes physical items, i.e letters, artworks and/ or physical representations of artworks produced by volunteers and wider public who’ve taken part in the creative activities. “Momentos” for residents and for the home. 

How do I get involved?
Each month, our lead artist will invite you to take part in creative actions, exploring a different theme.

-Actions will explore a variety of art forms and are opportunities to express yourself, share your experience, explore your environment and connect with others.
-Actions will be accessible via this web page, and on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
-Actions can be carried out alone, collaboratively, or as a group within your household.
-Actions will use simple materials and things around your house, and will encourage you to think creatively and experience your environment in a new way.
-Actions feed into the production of a monthly ‘care package’ sent to care partners by Magic Me and our project artists.
-You can access actions on this After Party webpage, in a variety of formats.
-Share your response to our artist actions – by posting on your social media using the hashtag #TheAfterParty, or e-mailing responses to:
-Enjoy viewing other After Party responses, artworks and messages on our online gallery here.
-You can carry out as many creative actions as you like! Our creative actions are a resource and gateway to communication with others, dip in and out as you so wish.

Inducted Cocktails Volunteers also receive additional newsletters direct to their inboxes each month and invitations to our monthly ‘Cocktail Hour Workshop’ facilitated by Magic Me artists.

At Magic Me, we recognise that these are incredibly tough times. Our aims reducing social isolation for older adults living in care contexts has never been more important, and is what drives The After Party project. We understand that the current situation means that staff capacity in care settings to support and engage in creative activity may be reduced – and that access to technology differs across the board. This is why we are carrying out a bespoke and tailored approach towards supporting residents and staff engagement, ensuring that activities are accessible and take into consideration the practicalities of care staff/ resident interaction during COVID-19 in mind ie. ensuring activities can be engaged with individually (for residents in isolation) or small, socially distanced groups, if group activity is still taking place. We aim to ensure that our package functions as a supportive resource to facilitate the meaningful social interaction and sense of community we all need during this time and are in continuous conversation with our care partners to do so.

Don’t forget to continue to check The After Party archives for continued access to our creative actions, responses, messages and more! For more information about The After Party, please contact Project Manager Sarah:

This project is funded by: Arts Council England, French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust, Hammersmith United Charities, Salter Charitable Trust, Westminster Amalgamated Charity, The Expat Foundation.

After Party Mia Harris’s first ‘Care Package’ sent to partners in May.
Volunteer Fiona D wearing her Cocktails headdress prize won at our April Cocktail Hour, designed by After Party artist Mia Harris! May 2020
Residents at Silk Court in Bethnal Green wearing Cocktails Headdresses sent in Care Packages, June 2020

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