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Spark supports everyone’s right to creative expression through sensory-based resources and training opportunities for Care Staff. Co-designed with care home staff during the pandemic, and developed with homes across London, Essex and Scotland from 2022-2024, the project is currently on pause for a period of evaluation and planning, with delivery resuming in Autumn 2024.
The project aims to:
  • Increase wellbeing for Residents and Staff
  • Provide new ways for Residents and Staff to meaningfully connect
  • Highlight the value of creativity in Care Homes

About the Project

Led by Associate Artists Lily Ash Sakula and Georgia Akbar, the project fosters meaningful connections and in the moment creativity through artist-led training, support and resources. There is a focus on connecting with residents living with a Dementia, those unable to leave their bed or room, or less likely to join group activities.

“I never thought I’d do this again, you’ve brought me to life today.”

Care Home Resident

As of March 2024, the project has reached 104 care staff and 548 residents across 52 care homes in Essex, London and Scotland.

“The activities created a new dynamic, they unlocked so much.”

“What you think you’re gonna get is not always what you’re gonna get from the box and it’s nice to see their reactions, the element of surprise.”

Care Professional

If you are a care home or care provider looking for training and resources please contact us on

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Project funders include Essex County Council, The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington, My Home Life Trust., Rayne Foundation, The Childwick Trust & Postcode Lottery