Bancroft Estate

Connecting residents of all ages on Bancroft Estate in Bethnal Green

Read the full project report here

In May 2022, Magic Me began a partnership with Bancroft Tenant Management Co-Operative, connecting residents of all ages to create a community mural.

Growing out of feedback from residents that there needed to be more opportunities for the community to ‘come together’ particularly following COVID-19 lockdowns and ways the estate could be ‘brightened up’, Bancroft Tenant Management Co-Operative reached out to Magic Me to support the creation of a community mural on the estate. 

Led by artist, ATMA, the project aimed to improve a space that was important to residents and build stronger relationships across the community. 

“The mural gives a very welcoming & positive feel as you enter the estate now from Globe Road.”

Resident, Bancroft Estate

Through creative consultations, residents came together to explore, share and develop their ideas. Using Magic Me’s intergenerational expertise, consultations were welcoming to people of all ages and encouraged conversations between different generations.

The final mural design grew out of the following themes; celebrating diversity, the natural world and creating a positive impact. The mural was revealed at Bancroft’s Annual Fun Day, August 2022. 

Following the project, Magic Me produced a report capturing highlights, learning & successes to build upon in the future. Read the full report here!

Featured photo credit ATMA

The project was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.