Volunteer Party Managers



Without our wonderful Volunteer Party Managers, the Cocktails project would not be possible!
They are our amazing community facilitators and Party Host extraordinaires! During the day they are graphic designers, lawyers, archivists and run boutique PR agencies, but at Cocktails in Care Homes they are superstar mixologists and social butterflies.

Volunteer Party Managers liaise with the Cocktails team and care home staff on everything from themes and entertainment to decor and drinks. They make sure that everything runs smoothly from the moment the bunting goes up to last orders! When you arrive at a party, check in with one of the party managers so they can tick you off on the register, introduce you to the rest of the team and get you a drink!

We couldn’t do it without them. We love you team! Cheers!
To meet our current Party Managers – click on their Parties in the Party Info page here!

Email Sarah if you’d like to join the team!

We are looking for new Party Managers to join our team of Cocktails Volunteers!
Do you like hosting parties? We are looking for creative people to join our Party Manager’s team hosting one party per month in their local area!

The role involves:
– Arriving to set up at 5.15 pm and stay to pack down to about 7:45 pm.
– Hosting the residents and volunteers with the support of care staff.
– Making and serving drinks and cleaning up after the party has finished.
– Creative control of party themes and cocktails.

 I’d been involved in befriending schemes for a number of years before coming across CICH. Whilst I could see the benefits of my weekly befriending visits, it became difficult to fit the volunteering around my changing lifestyle. Sometimes, even the befriending relationship felt quite lonely and isolated. When I heard about CICH I thought it sounded like a much more innovative way to tackle loneliness. It’s a few hours of my time just once a month, which means it’s easy to fit around my life. I feel involved with my community in a much wider sense, and connected to the other volunteers that care about tackling social isolation and caring for older members of our community. Mostly, I’m motivated to come back because it’s fun. I enjoy decorating the party room, setting out the bar and catching up with the other party manager, who has since become a close friend. I enjoy seeing the regular faces and nibbling on mini cheddars. I enjoy talking to the residents, as it takes me out of my own world, and into theirs, which is often fascinating, heart-warming, sometimes heart-breaking. Being in a care home is a reality check of what may come of my own life in later years, and I feel the experience grounds me and makes me appreciate a lot more about my own life. It’s such a fantastic initiative and I’m so glad to be involved.”

Party Manager, Greenhive