Rose Court – Surrey Quays


We have been throwing parties at Rose Court for several years. In 2015-17, Rose Court was one of four care partners in our Artist Residencies programme, hosting performance artist and activist Lois Weaver aka Tammy Whynot.  You can read more about this project here, read more about the programme here, and download the Artist Residencies report here.

Rose Court parties are very popular with residents and we are often in need of more Cocktails volunteer guests to join this fun South East London Soiree! Rose Court parties often enjoy games, chatter and sometimes even a bit of dancing. Previous Party Managers Trish and Helen have ensured that the party décor box is decked out with fun stuff – these two long-standing Cocktails volunteers often join us here as guests and we love to welcome them!

Rose Court is a nursing home run by Anchor Hanover Group and is situated in the borough of Southwark.

Rose Court is walking distance from the following stations:
Surrey Quays (5 minutes walk)
South Bermondsey (17 minutes walk)
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Our Party Managers at Rose Court are Helen and Sara!

Helen who works for the NHS decided to join Cocktails when it was featured in the Evening Standard in 2013. She says “It’s a really easy way to volunteer, one hour a month is not a lot of time to commit but you get a real sense of doing something useful. Having a drink and a chat is very much part of life, and I can’t see a good reason why that should change just because you are living in a care home.”