With Museums & Heritage


“It gets young and old to come together. We create amazing work. We didn’t expect to have so much in common, but through the project we realize we do.  It’s not just the young ones or the older ones who learn, we are all learning together, and learning from each other.” Older participant

Magic Me often works in partnership with museums and galleries. Our intergenerational projects use objects from their rich collections as a meeting point for the generations. A book, a toy, a purse or a chair is the start of a creative journey, an inspiration for storytelling, video making or drama.

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“What have I enjoyed about doing this? The bond that it’s created. The creative bond that we’ve got together now. We’ve explored colours. We’ve explored history. And we’ve had a great laugh. That’s been the most important thing. It’s been really fun.” Grandfather after Grand Explorers project