Passing Notes

Portraits made of sound and image

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Passing Notes brought together Year 4 pupils from Osmani Primary School in Whitechapel and older adults from John Sinclair Court, an extra care scheme managed by One Housing. Working with photographer Liane Harris and composer Verity Standen over ten weeks, the group used sound and image to create collage portraits of the older people, as well as several group portraits. Using photography, collage, drawing and sound recordings the group created pieces ranging from collage photography to relief maps, to a mobile piece.

The pieces were exhibited together at Whitechapel Ideas Store in March 2018.

Listen to ‘This is Marguerite’ soundfile here

Listen to ‘Joe’s Life’ soundfile here

Listen to the ‘Introducing Us – Portrait Collages here
Listen to ‘Margaret’s Memories’ here

Listen to ‘Group Portrait’ soundfile here

Listen to ‘John’s Favourite Things’ soundfile here

This project was funded by: London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Co-Op Community Fund and Lucas Tooth Trust.


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