Creativity for Captain Tom


It’s been a weekend of hard work for our creative fundraisers in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

Whilst many people took the opportunity of the bank holiday weekend to get out and meet friends and family, Helen and Deborah were busy getting creative to raise funds so Magic Me can help people stay connected.

Helen had set herself a challenge of making 100 sewn items across the four days of the challenge – starting on Friday 30th April (which would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday) and finishing on Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd May. Deborah had set herself the challenge of completing 100 portraits in 50 hours across the challenge weekend.
Both were successful in their aims and have so far raised over £1,600 for Magic Me – can you help get them to £2k?

You can sponsor Helen here

Your can sponsor Deborah here

Helen still has items to send out in return for sponsorship – here are some examples of her work:

(click on a picture to enlarge and open the gallery)

You can read more about Helen’s fundraising journey here on her blog.

Deborah and Helen are friends so Helen also managed to find time to sit for her portrait, whilst doing some embroidery – here’s the result:

Portrait of Helen Keegan by Deborah Mason shows an ink drawing of the head and shoulders of a woman with grey shoulder length hair, she is wearing glasses and a blue and white striped top, she is looking down, set against a terracotta background

Deborah completed her 100 portraits, you can see some examples below, including a few members of Magic Me staff) and all 100 here on her blog.

She says “I work for Magic Me, 2 days a week, and I know just how valuable the work is, my colleagues have made hundreds of phone calls to older people, shielding or isolating during the pandemic and the creative activities being provided have been a lifeline for many. For me drawing has always helped my mental health and I really enjoyed creating the portraits, meeting new people and catching up with old friends as I did so. A fundraising challenge like this also helps with my depression and anxiety. An achievable but challenging target (100 portraits in 50 hours and £500 to fundraise) gives me the motivation to keep going. Reaching my target has lifted my mood completely and I feel like a new woman. Even though I am a little tired after 50 hours of drawing – it’s happy tired. If you’ve never tried a fundraising challenge – give it a go – it doesn’t just help charity but could help you too!”

(click on a picture to enlarge and open the gallery)

If you’d like to take on a fundraising challenge but aren’t quite sure what to do or how to set it up, we are happy to have a chat on the phone or over Zoom to talk through ideas and help with promotion and setting up your fundraising page. You can email us at