“Working on intergenerational projects with new audiences has been a rollercoaster of excitement…”- Maryam’s Trainee Blog


Our Artworks Trainee, Maryam Deria shares her experience so far working with Magic Me.


I’ve been a Community Arts Trainee at Magic Me since January 2023 and it
has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Since joining the traineeship,
I’ve had the opportunity to not only build on some of my existing skills but to learn so much more about how to organise, plan and facilitate intergenerational workshops collaboratively alongside my wonderful team at Magic Me.

I’ve come across some helpful challenges in the previous few months; an example of which has been writing effective social media posts with limited character counts. This has given me insight into different ways to capture the attention of a large audience using short and effective sentences which will be sure to aid me in my future career pursuits. Working on intergenerational projects with new audiences has been a rollercoaster of excitement; from meeting new people and bringing them together through art to actually being able to participate in some of these creative workshops, my time at Magic Me has truly been phenomenal.

The theme in our current project is community. Our participants both older and younger have been given the task of working together to figure out what is missing from their communities in general and to translate this into artwork by decorating chairs to symbolise these missing links. Each group has chosen a specific concept that they feel is missing from communities such as love, connection or support. We will soon be hosting a final event which will exhibit the extraordinary work created by our participants through photographs of their various and unique creations. I am so excited to see our project come together! These previous workshops have been a melting pot of the most deliciously creative ideas simmering together to form the bridge between generations.

I am amazed to see what our community in and around Tower Hamlets are capable of building when they put their minds together. Magic Me has allowed me to realise that no matter who you are or what age group you come from, when collaborating with others, you can create the most unique and bespoke pieces of art!