Tony’s story – Optimistic about the future…


At our 30th Birthday party in October last year we asked some of our participants to talk about their experience of Magic Me projects, many people found Tony’s contribution very moving so we asked him if we could publish it here for a wider audience. He said yes. Here are his words:

“Hello, I’m Tony I’m 54 and I recently moved into Coopers Court in January this year. I was born in Mile End Hospital and I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets for most of my life.

I moved into Coopers  Court and within a couple of weeks someone told me that we were going to be working with Magic Me and I was hoping it was going to help me make friends and it has. I was interested in meeting the children and having fun together. 

It was great to be in a fun environment, the atmosphere was a happy atmosphere and it just made you feel good and lightens your mood. When we started working with the children they were very quiet and then by the end of it they were really enthusiastic and came to life. 

Taking part in the project has made me more optimistic about the future and because of this project I have reconnected with my own son who is now 29 years old, after the project I felt I had the energy I needed to take that step. Working with Magic Me means the dark clouds get blown away and you can take on more challenges.”