Where the Heart Is – Heartfelt


Where the Heart Is was Magic Me’s women’s project from 2012 one of a 10 year long series of projects based at the Women’s Library. Stories of love and loss, friendship and inspiration often recurred throughout the ten years of these projects. For Where the Heart is, the group focused on love in all its manifestations and representations. They discovered more than 90 words to express the many facets of love. The life of Sylvia Pankhurst, whose passion for the cause of women’s suffrage was expressed through campaigns, but also a very practical engagement with the women of the East End, was an inspiration to the group throughout the course of the project.

As the women shared their experiences they discovered that they fell into clusters; stories of romance and excitement; of loss; of belonging; of friendship; family; and passion for justice.

The intergenerational group of women was drawn from pupils at Mulberry School for Girls and older women from the local community.

The project was led by artists Sue Mayo,  Lesley Pinder and Jules Wilkinson.

It was funded by LIFT and The National Lottery via Arts Council England

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