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Moving  Moments

May – July 2019

This project has changed me because it taught me how to work with different people.

Young Participant

Moving Moments was the first collaboration between Rochester Court and Osmani Primary School, working with artists Pooja Sitpura, a theatre practitioner, Chuck Blue Lowry, a film-maker and guest artist Polly Beestone, a puppet-maker.

Learning film techniques was great to have a whole new skill set…allowing the children to do the filming themselves was lovely to watch..

Older Participant

Over ten weeks, children from Year 4 and residents from Rochester Court used film, puppetry and text to explore characterisation, creating two characters each in groups. They started by thinking about who their character is; giving them back stories and names and considering how they might feel in different situations. Finally they explored the relationship between their characters and used mannequins to animate their feelings. They also created a storyboard of images which were captured on film in stop-motion animations.

I learnt that I’m a courageous person

Young Participant

For a final exhibition at Osmani School they displayed their process through collage, and screened their stop-motion animations as well as a short film created by Chuck documenting their journey together.

The project has been really busy, fun and happy. It encouraged people to share things and be creative together

Older Participant

Moving Moments – Animation 1 from Magic Me on Vimeo.

Moving Moments – Animation 2 from Magic Me on Vimeo.

Moving Moments – Animation 3 from Magic Me on Vimeo.

Moving Moments – Animation 4 from Magic Me on Vimeo.