An original intergenerational performance about life's journeys, migration and transitions

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Journeys brought together local older people from Tower Hamlets and primary school pupils to create an original performance about life’s journeys, migration and transitions.

Led by artist Emma Higham and film-maker Chuck Lowry, older adults connected to the Bromley-by-Bow Centre and the Fern Street Settlement and pupils from Clara Grant Primary School and Old Palace Primary School took part in creative activities including storytelling, movement, and film to share their stories of leaving homes, arriving in new countries, life-changing train trips, births, marriages and much more.

These stories became the inspiration for a performance piece exploring the small everyday journeys out of our armchairs to the epic journeys across countries and cultures.

The final presentation of their work was performed for an invited audience at Oxford House.

“These fingertips have felt the soft sand

These feet have taken me up the mountain to the wishing well

This heart felt happy after landing in London

These hands have touched the walls of a hidden cave

These knees felt shaky as the bridge swung from side to side

This smile says it all

This heart is filled with wonderful memories.”


This project was made possible by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Lucas Tooth Trust and the Aldgate and All Hallows Foundation.

Photo credits Brian Slater