The After Party: Colour Mood Scene

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Artist Mia Harris invites you to create a Colour Mood Scene using items from around your house!

·      Step 1 – Pick a colour to reflect your mood.
·      Step 2 – Rummage around your house finding objects of that colour – clothes, curtains, cleaning products, etc.
·      Step 3 – Set up a scene in an area of your home with all your things. Could be on a sofa / chair, kitchen table, wherever you like. Tip: Make sure the space is bright enough –  either by the window or a light in your house to show the colours off!
·      Step 4 – Make a 30 second video and tell us the following:

-Name – My Name is…..
-Chosen Colour – I have chosen the colour….
-How it makes you feel? Where are you in your home?
-Show us a couple of your favourite items.

Alternatively: You can send us a photo of you in your scene, and a message inside the email.
If you don’t have access to a phone / camera, instead set up your Colour Mood Scene , find some paper and coloured pencils / pens (of your chosen colour) and draw us a picture of your scene, including your reflections on the page too!

·     Step 5– Email your responses to, and if you like, share on your personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, tagging Magic Me with hashtag #TheAfterParty

Download these instructions as a printable pdf here.

What happens next…

  • All responses will be shared in our online gallery on this page, and on our social media channels: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.
  • Care home residents and staff will be invited to create their own colour mood scenes– and we’ll share their responses too!
  • Photos of colour mood scenes will be included in our ‘care package’ sent to partners at the end of each month.

We look forward to your response!
send to: or share on social media tagging Magic Me and using the hashtag #TheAfterParty.

If you’re a Cocktails volunteer…
You’re invited to join us for The After Party Cocktail Hour on Thursday 30th April at 7pm, where we will catch up, have a cocktail and get creative together online, in our own colour mood scenes! RSVP to to receive the link and details!

This creative action is inspired by Magic Me Artist Chuck Lowry’s “Mother and Daughter” project where her family dress in the same colour each day to connect together despite being far away from one another during lockdown. View it on Instagram here!

The After Party: Jo S Colour Mood Scene


Cocktail Hour’s Colour Mood Scenes!

Fiona D’s all green Colour Mood Scene: “I’m Fiona and my chosen colour is green. I have chosen some of the things in my home which are bright green, and set them up in my living room. I love the pieces of pottery at the front which I brought back from in Marrakech and Seville, they always remind me of holidays and travel. I also love my two-tone green salt and pepper shakers which I use everyday, they definitely brighten up my kitchen! Also the print in the background is by Matisse, an artist I love who uses cut out paper shapes in bright colours.”