2009 Utopia According To Me

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This project brought together 8 older women and 7 young women to explore the notion of Utopia. The group explored the library’s collection and exploring their own ideas around Utopia thinking about what would make their own lives better and thoughts on a better world.

The women and girls facilitated the discussion at the tables brilliantly! I’ve attended plenty of events where these moments are often awkward and stilted and I never felt like this for a moment. I really enjoyed it!

Audience Member

During the project, the group sent out blank postcards to friends, family and supporters, asking them to send us their views of Utopia. These postcards were used to create an installation in the Women’s Library, which was on display during the performance the group created to present their thoughts and ideas. After the performance the group hosted a tea party for their audience. The group also created five photographic images which were turned into campaign postcards to encourage others to work towards Utopia:

If you want Utopia, negotiate, communicate
If you want Utopia, look, learn and lead
If you want Utopia, stand up for your rights
If you want Utopia, stand your ground
If you want Utopia, dream, dream, dream

Students from Mulberry School for Girls
Local older women

Polly Beestone (installation)
Sue Mayo (performance)
Anita McKenzie (photography)





Top image by Anita McKenzie