2007 Soundtracks

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 I must say that in my heart, because of the culture, I thought we might not get on, but we have. I was worried about how they might see us.

Older participant

Women’s Voice
Soundtracks centred on the voice, on finding and losing your own voice, and on an exploration on the voices of many women reflected in diaries in The Women’s Library.

8 young women and 8 older women read Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath, as well as other diaries from the Librarie’s colelction, and wrote their own. Through writing exercises, drama and conversation they explored the meaning of voice, and of silence, and experimented with the different voices one has with different people.

After weeks of workshops creating material, the group then worked with sound artist Jules Wilkinson to create on audio piece titled-‘My voice is the key to my freedom’. The piece was launched at the party to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of The Women’s Library in its location in Aldgate.

My Voice Is The Key To My Freedom
Listen to the three soundscapes the women made together:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

Students from Mulberry School for Girls
Local older women

Sue Mayo (creative writing)
Leah Thorn (spoken word artist)
Jules Wilkinson (sound artist)
Lore Windermuth (additional sound recordist)

Lucas Tooth Trust