Priyanka Chauhan – Project Manager


Priyanka describes herself as a community-led creative, and has worked across multiple arts venues and charities since 2015.

She has worked as a project manager and facilitator for Jacksons Lane theatre, Rambert, Akademi, Union Chapel and East London Cares. From her multiple experiences in building community connections and delivering inclusive and creative projects around a mix of wellness and social issues, she has seen how impactful the community arts space can be in an ever-changing and often isolating world.

With a background in the classical Indian dance form, Kathak, Priyanka utilises the power of dance and uses it as a tool for connection, confidence, and expression. She has run inclusive dance projects with a mix of groups, ranging from women in domestic abuse refuge centres, to people living with Dementia, with young SEND adults and intergenerational groups.

Priyanka will be bringing her experience and passion to all Magic Me’s projects to help them thrive!