Julia Bird – Fundraising & Development Manager


Julia joined Magic Me as Fundraising & Development Manager in April 2024.

Julia’s arts-admin career started straight out of university, and has grown since to encompass a wide experience of development, programming and marketing across arts and literature charities. Highlights include a collaboration between The Poetry Society and Historic England which saw community-written poems animated and projected onto the walls of Coventry and St Paul’s Cathedrals; and a poetry residency with adult literacy students.

Again and again, she’s seen how engagement with the arts strengthens communities and changes individual lives. She brings all her tactical and strategic energies to finding and welcoming the supporters of Magic Me so that its programmes and participants can flourish. If you’d like to have a conversation with her about how you can help in this work, drop her a line on fundraising@magicme.co.uk.

Julia is the author / co-author of six poetry collections, and produced eight Arts Council-funded touring shows with her own production company. Poetry makes her brain fizz – but singing in a community choir and experimenting with textile crafts ensures it has its peaceful moments too.