Inside Out Festival at George Mason Lodge – 10 November 2019


On Sunday 10 November from 3-5pm George Mason Lodge Care Home in Leytonstone will open its doors to the general public as part of the Inside Out Festival.

George Mason Lodge is at 20 Chelmsford Road, London E11 1BS.

Residents of the care home have been working with local people to create collaborative artworks which will be on show on Sunday 10th November.

Led by local artist Natalie Keymist and theatre maker Sue Mayo the interegenerational group have been getting to know one another through creative making, conversation and community spirit throughout November.

At the exhibition visitors will be able to see photographic images produced in the group’s own mobile developing studio and follow traces of life stories and experiences through words and abstract images. Step into a world of light and darkness, sound and portraiture and explore the glowing world of the residents of George Mason Lodge and their local neighbours.

Inside Out Festival is a Magic Me project funded by the L&Q Foundation and by a grant from the Waltham Forest Borough of Culture.