Volunteers Week 2019 – Celebrating our Volunteers: Roberta



It’s Volunteers Week 2019 and we asked some of our most regular party go-ers what motivates them to be involved in the Cocktails project. Thank you all for sharing your stories and for your commitment and dedication to Cocktails! Every single volunteer is important to us. We hope these stories will inspire you and if you are interested in volunteering with us check out our Volunteering section here.

Roberta tells us about her time on the Cocktails project:
“I started volunteering in 2015 after reading an article about Cocktails in Care Homes. I thought it was an amazing idea from the start. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with the elderly, as they have so many stories to tell and because I know it can be such a lonely phase on one’s life, while they would just be happy with someone to talk to. I started going to Greenhive parties (in Peckham), and now moved to Rose Court Care Home in Surrey Quays.

I love seeing the ladies that make an effort, coming with a manicure and lipstick, and I get great satisfaction when some of the residents start singing aloud or stand up to dance. Even when it’s just a few moves, I see real joy in their eyes: singing and dancing are a balm for the soul.

As an Italian, I find it easy to go straight to topics like love, marriage life, or even raunchier ones! I had a blast when a 75 years old Jamaican lady went on describing how her husband of 40 yrs proposed, and how she had to make sure, before accepting, that he was…fit enough. I would have never expected that a lady of her age could be so open with me. I went on smiling for weeks 😉 My best memories are associated to a lovely 86 year old resident, Peter, an ex-portraitist who used to carry around some of his portraits, some of which were even exposed at the National Portrait Gallery. He was still very cheeky and had not lost interest in women, and I often tried to convince him to make a move with one of the ladies he liked. We used to laugh that “Dating in Care Homes” could be our next project to work on!”

Thank you Roberta! We couldn’t do it without you!