Volunteers Week 2019 – Celebrating our Volunteers: Heather


It’s Volunteers Week 2019 and we asked some of our most regular party go-ers what motivates them to be involved in the Cocktails project. Thank you all for sharing your stories and for your commitment and dedication to Cocktails! Every single volunteer is important to us. We hope these stories will inspire you and if you are interested in volunteering with us check out our Volunteering section here.

Heather tells us about her time on the Cocktails project:
“I saw a notice in the local paper shortly after I retired – I thought ‘that’s my time of the day!’ 6.00-7.30pm, Cocktails, what a good idea.

Unlike most volunteers I am not at the ‘young’ end of the scale – fitting the plan for young people to visit Care Homes for parties. However, when I was working I couldn’t have done this, but I love the idea. It makes so much sense to have visitors coming into care homes. It also made me think if I was in a home I would be very grateful to have people coming in to visit. It’s simple and it works. I aim to go to one a month.

The young volunteers do sometimes assume I am one of the residents, but my usual answer is that I’m checking things out for the future.”

A special shout out to Heather as she has been involved with Cocktails since the very beginning. Thank you for your time and dedication to the project!