Volunteers Week 2019 – Celebrating our Volunteers: Camilla



It’s Volunteers Week 2019 and we asked some of our most regular party go-ers what motivates them to be involved in the Cocktails project. Thank you all for sharing your stories and for your commitment and dedication to Cocktails! Every single volunteer is important to us. We hope these stories will inspire you and if you are interested in volunteering with us check out our Volunteering section here.

Camilla tells us about her time on the Cocktails project:
“I have been working with Cocktails in Care Homes now for about a year, and find it a very rewarding experience. Because of my schedule and where I live/work, I found Norton House to be most convenient so I attend usually ever month- I had originally envisaged I would attend different locations however going back to the same place has been great- I feel I have gotten to know the residents well, and know what questions to ask, and what questions to expect!

My favourite part about the events are the stories I’m told- people that have lived between 2-3 times as long as me have obviously got a lot of interesting experiences to share! It’s wonderful to hear about past travels, jobs, romances, how some things have changed over the years, and how many things stay the same!

Probably one of my most memorable moments is when one resident was not really engaging, and I went to say hello and immediately my Northern accent struck a chord – “are you a Geordie!?” A question I get a lot in London, and that led to a whole conversation (mainly about how bad Sunderland football is- I’m a Mackem).

Some residents do have problems with memory or communication, but taking the time, without being patronising, seems to be appreciated. It would be very lonely if people decided you were too hard work, and no one should ever face that.

The efforts by Magic Me to ensure all parties are a success is amazing- the themes and decorations all assist with creating a fun atmosphere and talking points. One of my favourite residents loves the hats that are put out, so I always make sure he gets one if they are on the go! We then usually take a selfie so he can see how it looks, so I have quite a collection!

In an economic situation that our country is in now, where cuts to public services for those in need are made to benefit corporations, it is good to remember that we are a society, we can come together and be kind, we can use our time for others without there being a profit, and that small acts can make a big difference.”

Thank you Camilla! We couldn’t do it without you!