Fundraise for us, it’s easy!


Magic Me relies on voluntary donations to support our work and receives no funding from the government.

We work with younger and older people, helping them to build their sense of wellbeing, sense of community and sense of purpose.  We are on our way to building a stronger, happier society but cannot do it without the support of generous donors.  These are very strange times and Magic Me is working harder than ever to connect people and champion the rights of people living in care settings to have full and interesting lives.

Fundraising ideas:

Here are some things that our supporters have done that might inspire you:

  • Captain Tom 100 – Helen and Deborah took on the 100 challenge and raised over £2,000 for Magic Me! Helen made 100 things with fabric and Deborah drew 100 portraits.
  • Play Dead London have taken their interactive murder mysteries online – knowing people are in need of entertainment but may be short of money they have made the tickets free but are supporting charities by asking for donations.
  • Collage workshops – our previous communications manager, Deborah, ran Saturday morning collage workshops online, these were free, but people offered to pay, so she asked them to donate to Magic Me which has raised over £200.
  • Kelly sold ‘Stay at Home, Save Lives’ t-shirts online and gave 100% of her profits to Magic Me.