Covid 19: Why Our Work is Vital As Ever


“There are lots of places for older people like me to go and have coffee and chat. I want more than that. What I love about Magic Me is that I come home with new ideas, with questions, and things to think about when I’m back home alone, things that keep me going for another week.” – Older Participant

Talking on the phone is vital, but we want to offer more than that. We want to create that inspiration, those questions and ideas from a distance – which is even more fundamental if these weeks is going to turn into months.

For our vulnerable older participants, these unprecedented times are most hard hitting. Many of them already experience loneliness and social isolation and further social distancing will affect their health and wellbeing. This can also be a very confusing time for the children that we work with, many of whom are experiencing social isolation for the first time.

Coopers Court and Halley Primary workshop session - photo credit Holly Falconer

For 30 years Magic Me’s exciting, pioneering intergenerational arts projects have been giving young and older people opportunities to meet, create and spend time together, combatting ageism and loneliness. Week by week young people and older adults meet in schools, care homes, older peoples centres and after-school clubs, working on a shared arts activity e.g. drama, music and photography.

Social distancing means our current projects and activities have not been able to carry on as normal. However, Magic Me continues support our current partner care homes, older peoples venues and older people living in the wider community. To find creative ways to continue friendships between younger and older people. Read more here on our ‘At Home Together‘ programme to find out how we are responding to COVID19.

Magic Me is committed to ensuring that these important intergenerational relationships continue to grow and develop creatively. Solutions will be found, creativity will flourish, people will connect. Help us to make this happen.