30th Birthday Appeal: Better Together


On 3rd December 2019 we are launching our appeal to make the next 30 years just as amazing.

Creativity can create anything and friendship can be made even if you’re older or younger.

Participant in Constellations, a project in Arts & Ages

In 1989 Magic Me was one of only a handful of organisations working in the field of intergenerational arts.  Bringing younger and older people together in creative projects they set out to combat social issues in Tower Hamlets such as loneliness, isolation and lack of access to the arts. Now  30 years on, with many accomplishments, awards and achievements under its belt, Magic Me’s next goal is to increase the reach of its work and encourage even more people and organisations to get involved.

Magic Me has consistently demonstrated the power of arts and people as an innovative and creative way of bringing communities together and increasing health and wellbeing.

In the field of intergenerational arts Magic Me is exemplary

Older and Wiser, a report for the Baring Foundation

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters we raised over £6,000 through theThe Big Give fundraising campaign.

Our director, Susan Langford says: “Much has changed for the better since I founded Magic Me in 1989, but many issues still remain: loneliness, ageist assumptions and the exclusion of people who are seen as ‘different’”

Tower Hamlets remains one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs and 31% of children and 50% of older people are living in poverty.  Magic Me is asking you to make a difference:

Make a donation today by clicking here – your donation could help with many things for example:

£30 pays for taxis so disabled older people can attend our art workshops and events

£100 pays for staff time to work with school teachers to plan intergenerational projects that cater to all children’s needs

£300 helps us to reach out to isolated older people: on the phone, by home visits, or a Tea & Cake afternoon

We host tea and cake sessions which help us to find the older people that want to connect to younger people within the community. The donations we receive will help us to pay for the venue and the food and drink that is provided free to participants at these sessions.

Before I came here I felt not wanted. It’s a very deep thingy to be wanted.

Older participant, Magic Me project