Support Magic Me at a Tesco store in March & April 2019


We are ABSOLUTELY delighted to be part of the Tesco’s Bag for life scheme. Thank you so much Tesco’s! However, now we need your help.

No we don’t want your money (though if you want to donate that won’t be shunned!), no we don’t want your time, (though of course we actually do through our cocktail parties…) but what we absolutely DO want is for every time you shop at one of these Tesco’s pick up a blue token and choose Cocktails in Care Homes!

The more blue tokens we get, the more money we get. It really is that simple. Together we can raise over £3,000 for parties at Westport, Hawthorn Green and Silk Court and help 88 isolated older people build friendships and wellbeing.  Let’s raise the roof and keep the parties going.

Here’s a map of all the stores where you can use your blue tokens from 1st March to 30th April 2019.