Weekend at Wilton's

Weekend at Wilton’s was a collaboration between Magic Me and Duckie with over 60 young and older people taking to the stage

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A new wave performance in an old time Music Hall!

Weekend at Wilton’s was a collaboration between Magic Me and Duckie at beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall. Over 60 young and older people took to the stage from 25-27 May 2012 and performed alongside Duckie artistes to a full house.

Amongst others: Miss Behave, the internationally renowned sword-swallower; The Bees Knees, the finest set of Charleston flappers this side of the Thames; Up and Over It, the multi-award winning Riverdance duo putting the onus on their hands rather than their feet; and the Lip Sinkers, a bewitching gaggle of lithesome miming drag-beauties.

 Duckie are very pleased to be working alongside grass roots community arts organization Magic Me. I witnessed some of the workshops in the three schools and the most interesting thing was the relationship between the senior citizens and the young people – they have such a delightful rapport. We are looking forward to the big Weekend at Wilton’s. This is social engineering at it’s best and it’s all about the mix. Older people and retired people are often isolated in our society – but here they are centre stage, creating and performing; and as special guests at the poshest party this spring in the east end.

Simon Casson, Producer for Duckie

Oaklands School
Oaklands students and local older people worked together with artists Liane Harris and Douglas Nicolson to learn about digital photography and creating images. The group made glamourous portraits of themselves which were projected onto a large screen at Weekend at Wilton’s.

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Bethnal Green Academy
Year 9 students paired up with local older people to work on an exploration of glamour through music and dance. They worked with Magic Me artists Verity Standen and Shamita Ray..

St Mary Magdalene Academy
Young people from St Mary Magdalene Academy worked with older people from Drover’s Day Centre and artists Polly Beestone and Julian West on a giant stripping puppet and a music piece about glamour..