The View From Here

The View from Here is our response to the constantly changing situations around the COVID-19 pandemic, and is a new format for Arts & Ages programme over the coming months. The View from Here is part of our At Home Together programme

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Arts & Ages is Magic Me’s ambitious three-year programme, nurturing partnerships between primary schools and groups of older people in Tower Hamlets through the arts. By working together over a sustained period, Magic Me supports partners to establish a long-lasting relationship and gain the practical understanding and skills to continue bringing older and younger people together creatively.

By January 2020, Magic Me was working with 8 Arts & Ages partners across Tower Hamlets. Our artists delivered weekly sessions bringing together younger and older people to create artworks that reflect what they have to say, and challenge perceptions of who they are, encouraging them to become active citizens in their communities. See our Arts & Ages page for full project details.

The View from Here was our response to the constantly changing situations around the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new format for our Arts & Ages programme. We aimed to continue building long lasting relationships between schools and older people’s venues, even when we are unable to meet in person. We will maintain existing Arts & Ages relationships and help connect communities during this uncertain time. The View from Here aimed to ease social isolation for all ages through creative intergenerational exchange.

From April until the end of June 2020, our team of artists created series of activities around the theme of windows – looking out whilst staying in. We were inspired by the many drawings and messages that filled windows up and down the country and how they became a means of connection with the outside world, as we spent more of our time indoors.

What does the world look like at the moment from your view?

What might that view look like for someone else?

We aimed to create a space to reflect on the now, explore another generation’s perspective, and most importantly have fun!

You can find out about our first instalment and download activities here

You can find out about our second instalment and download activities here

You can find out about our third instalment and download activities here

Following the third instalment, Magic Me brought together all the wonderful responses we have received from people of different ages, to create a short animation film telling the story of The View From Here.

Alongside the animation we have created a book celebrating participants artwork and highlighting scenes from the animation film. This book has been sent to participants without digital access.

Artist Team

How are our Arts & Ages partners getting involved?

We have been working closely with our partners to understand how their situation has changed and how we can support them to take part. We recognise that the current situation means that staff capacity to support and engage in creative activity may be reduced and that access to technology varies for each school, care setting and individual.

Therefore our partners will receive bespoke and tailored versions of the activity packs, ensuring participants can engage at their own pace and in more than one way.

Current Partners

This project is funded by: Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation, Allen and Overy, Lucas Tooth Trust, The Worshipful Company of Mercers, The Haberdashers’ Benevolent Foundation, Gateway Housing Association

For more details generally on the project please contact Magic Me’s Schools & Communities Project Manager, Catherine Connell on

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