The After Party: Design your Dream Dinner Party!

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Dream Dinner Party

After Party Artist Kathy Horak-Hallett would like you to share a dream evening, by inviting an admired person to your dinner table!
A vindaloo with the Pope on the French Riviera…cheese sandwiches with Frank Sinatra in Southend? By combining our ideas, we can create an unexpected party that would be impossible in real life…!

STEP 1: Make an invitation to a dinner party:

1. Your name
2. The name of a famous person, family member or friend that you would like to invite.
3. An image of that person – either a photograph or drawn, or even a collage – interpret this how you like.
4. The name of a music artist or band that you would like to appear on the evening
5. Your favourite lock-down snack that will be on offer.
6. The drink/cocktail you will be serving.

Materials: Paper (any colour) pens, coloured pens / pencils. If you’re making make a collage like Kathy, you will also need some magazines / newspapers to cut out images that you like, scissors and glue to stick them to the page.


-Download this dinner invitation as a word doc, fill it in and send it back to us. 
-Print this PDF dinner invitation and write/draw/collage directly onto that and send it back to us.

STEP 2: Send your responses in your preferred format (word / PDF / photo) to If you like you can also share yours on social media using the hashtag #TheAfterParty.

Below is Kathy’s dinner with American singer Erykah Badu!

What happens next:

  • Your responses will shared on our online gallery, and the songs you suggest will become part of the playlist for our May Cocktail hour, where we will also be exploring this activity together! (RSVP to
  • Partner residents will be invited to dream of their dinner parties.
  • All the responses will be combined with material produced at the Cocktail Hour to make interactive artwork that can be displayed at the Care Homes for residents and care staff.