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As part of the After Party project, each of our Care Partners received an After Party Care Package sent via post designed by our artists, which included creative resources and activities, physical items, artworks produced by volunteers and wider public who’ve taken part in the creative activities. Physical momentos for residents, staff and the home/scheme.

In May 2020, artist Mia Harris led the After Party, with a Care Package that included Colourful ‘Wear your favourite Cocktail’ headdresses, colourful stickers and resources to engage with Mia’s ‘postcard’ making activity. In June 2020, artist Kathy Horak-Hallett’s care package explored ‘Dream Dinner Parties‘ and included an ‘interactive tablecloth’ collage and drawing activity. In July 2020, artist Shepherd Manyika’s care package included materials for a self portraiture activity for residents to create a unique artwork for their spaces.

We encourage you to participate in our Creative Actions from home! Click here to go to our full list of Creative Actions.

After Party Care Package - Mia Harris