Simple Acts with Coopers Court

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In April 2020, artists Lehni Lamide Davies and Liane Harris were due to continue working with Coopers Court and Halley Primary, as they completed the second year of their Arts & Ages partnership. However due to the constantly changing situation around the COVID-19 pandemic all sessions were put on hold.

In response, Lehni and Liane created Simple Acts, a series of bespoke creative activities for Coopers Court residents.

Residents were gifted a personalised activity pack, containing six creative activities including collaging, painting, movement making, poetry, sculpture and puzzles. In order to select an activity residents roll a dice and follow the instructions of the activity with the corresponding number.

Activity packs included materials needed to take part in each activity and a message from the artists to each individual participant.

To download the Simple Acts activity pack go to the At Home Together Activities page.

Simple Acts - game unpacked

Photo credits Liane Harris and Lehni Lamide Davies

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