You mustn’t let the words get stuck inside you, they build up and they’ll burn you up.

Out Spoken Group

About the Project

Outspoken was part of our regular intergenerational groups for women, in partnership with Mulberry School, a comprehensive school for girls in Tower Hamlets in east London. Since 2010 we have run our annual projects with these groups exploring themes relevant to them as East London women who cross decades, culture and life experience.

Working with Magic Me artists Sue Mayo and Anita McKenzie and inspired by the archives of the project partner, the Bishopsgate Institute, the group looked at where and when women speak out, and where and when they don’t.

The group used drama, photography and energetic discussion to respond to the archive, learning about the lives of leading campaigning figures such as Annie Besant and Susan Lawrence, who made a difference through speaking out as well as responding to the Institute’s recent exhibition, Sounds from the Park about Speakers Corner, where they were struck by the low number of women taking to the soapbox.

The group explored access to education worldwide, social injustice, casual ageism and racism, as well as everyday sexism.

Together they discovered how powerful, encouraging and celebratory speaking out can be.

Out Spoken Exhibition

A photography exhibition curated by the group was on  show at Bishopsgate Institute from May – August 2014.


Mulberry School for Girls

Bishopsgate Institute

Funded by:

East End Community Foundation

LB Tower Hamlets

All photos by Anita McKenzie


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