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In 2018 we began a new 3 year programme for schools called Arts & Ages

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 I’ve been teaching for 27 years and this without a doubt is the best art project I’ve ever done.


Magic Me connects schools with older people in their community through the arts. We work with Primary and Secondary Schools across Tower Hamlets, connecting students with local older people for mutual benefit.

We work with schools to create bespoke projects that connect students with local older people living independently, in sheltered housing schemes or care homes.
Led by professional artists from a variety of disciplines, we use the arts to connect generations, giving young and old alike the opportunity to work together as equals, drawing on their own experiences, skills, creativity and imagination.

 I’ve become more aware of the things different people face, of different cultures and opinions

Mulberry School Student,

Our projects use a variety of art forms meaning the end results might be art works, films, podcasts, performance, or combination of these (and other) things. We share the work with the wider public through performance, showings, exhibitions, publications and digitally through our website and social media channels. The creative work itself becomes a new piece of the community.

 In a group like this, we learn from them, they learn from us.

Older Participant,

Beyond the project itself, we work with partners to continue to find ways to connect and build intergenerational relationships for the benefit of community and school as whole.

 A pupil just said she now feels confident socialising with people of any age

Mulberry School Staff,

If you are a school interested in working with us, please contact Catherine on

 Magic Me has helped me academically, and helped me get outside my comfort zone and meet new people and interact using the common knowledge of my community

Mulberry School Student,

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Top picture and featured images from our Stepney Stories project – photographs by Roxene Anderson

Bottom picture – artwork by Joe from our Passing Notes project.






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There are many ways that you can get involved with Magic Me - as a participant in one of our projects, as a volunteer, as a supporter or fundraiser, as an artist, as an organisational or corporate partner click on the button to find out more

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