Magic Me has pioneered intergenerational work in care settings

Since we started in 1989 we have been facilitating high quality creative experiences with and for people living and in care settings

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Since we started in 1989 we have been bringing high-quality arts and creative engagement to people in care homes and other care settings. We have a number of programmes that involve residents living in care and extra care settings: Magic Moments, Inside Out 2021 and our Artist Residencies in Care Homes programme.

Magic Me offers new activities and a change of pace. Young people bring fresh energy and ideas, encouraging their older partners to join in. Magic Me artists are experienced in devising intergenerational projects that cater for diverse groups. Children are carefully prepared and practise communication techniques so they are ready to meet people who have had strokes, with dementia or sensory impairments. They reflect regularly learning much about themselves as well as the residents.  We kept these connections going through the Covid 19 lockdowns and restrictions via our At Home Together programme

When you come we know we are not forgotten

Care Home Resident

Magic Moments explores and facilitates sensory experiences for people living and working in care settings. Providing new ways to connect with people living with later-stage dementia and those who are unable or prefer not to leave their rooms.

Our pioneering Artists Residencies programme has brought immersive theatre, alternative cabaret, performance art, circus and aerial work from four of the UK’s leading performing arts organisations into care homes for the first time, and continues to grow.

The Inside Out project saw care professionals in three care homes in East London working in creative collaboration with Magic Me artists.

Many of our Arts & Ages projects, brought primary school groups together with older people living in care and extra care partners.

Residents told us they also wanted evening activity, to relieve the boredom between dinner and bed. In 2010 we set up Cocktails in Care Homes – providing monthly parties in care homes across London, hosted by young adult volunteers.  The project ended in 2020.

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Featured image by Roxene Anderson