Magic Moments with Creative Support

From January – March 2022, Magic Me partnered with Creative Support to continue the legacy of Magic Moments in Essex.

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“I’m more ambitious about trying things that are outside of the box.”

Creative Support Staff

In 2021, artists Georgia Akbar and Lily Ash Sakula delivered Magic Moments with eight care homes in Essex; a project building connections and creative experiences with and for residents in group settings or those unable to (or who prefer not to) leave their bed or room. From this project came the ‘Magic Moments Activity Pack a collection of creative activities developed and tested with a network of Care Professionals.  


From January – March 2022, Magic Me partnered with Creative Support, a national care provider, to continue the legacy of Magic Moments in eight extra-care schemes in Tower Hamlets and Bromley. Each care scheme received the Magic Moments Activity Pack (including materials) and staff took part in a programme of in-person and remote offers aiming to support and inform their delivery.

The programme included a training day, designed and led by dementia specialist Sally Knocker and artists Georgia and Lily, followed by a monthly online workshop where staff could ask questions, work through challenges and celebrate achievements.

“I feel good now.”

Magic Moments Older Participant


This project builds upon Magic Me’s remote work with care settings, providing care professionals with creative resources, artist connections and spaces to reflect and learn from one another. 

If you would like to learn more about Magic Moments, please contact / 07401 400 101

Photo credits: Georgia Akbar, Lily Ash Sakula & Tamryn Nicol

This project is funded with the support of The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington.