John Scurr and Pat Shaw House

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When the girl I worked with last week arrived, she looked around the room until she saw me and said: ‘There she is! Shirley! My friend.”

Pat Shaw Resident

About the partnership
We have been working with partners John Scurr Primary School and Pat Shaw House since 2007. The first project, A Sense of Adventure, was part of the Our Generations programme and saw participants coming together to create and enact fantastical stories they created. The last three projects have focused on singing and drama.

In 2011, Clifford Chance LLP funded the project and held the celebration at their offices to a select audience. The group sang Summertime and Wade in the Water.

I love seeing the outcome of these projects. It is fantastic to see the older people out of the care home enjoying themselves.

Head Teacher, John Scurr Primary School

Residents from Pat Shaw House
Pupils from John Scurr Primary School