I Live In It

Bringing together women of all ages to share stories about their bodies, their moves and celebrate all the things that these bodies can and can’t do

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I live in it – a loud proud thank you letter to our bodies!

Maybe it’s the feet that carry you around or the hands that are good at making things?

Maybe it’s the mouth that loves food, the breast that fed your baby, or the back that carries your big school bag? Our bodies are what we live in – they make us visible in the world. We want to explore and celebrate this!

The project was part of The Gratitude Enquiry a year- long research and performance project created and led by artist Sue Mayo (our associate artist). For the first phase Sue worked with Magic Me to bring together a group of older women and students from Mulberry School for Girls. Together the group shared stories about their bodies, their moves and celebrated all the things that these bodies can and can’t do.

Sue and a creative team including choreographer Eleanor Sikorski (Nora/Bellyflop) and composer Jamie McCarthy (Fevered Sleep/Dog Kennel Hill/Rick Nodine) lead the group in the creation of an original piece of dance that was performed in conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebrations in March 2016.  A vivid reminder of all that we have to thank our bodies for, choreographed for a wide range of ages and mobility.

Follow The Gratitude Enquiry via Sue Mayo’s blog 

The project was a co-production with Sue Mayo Projects (funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts), funded for Magic Me by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.