Fevered Sleep and Sherrell House

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The subject of ‘touch’ has been present in our work for some time and we have been really keen to explore this further in new contexts. Working with Magic Me alongside the residents, and staff of a care home is such a wonderful opportunity to understand, listen and share on a much deeper level, and with wellbeing at the heart of the work, we can’t wait to get started.


About Fevered Sleep 

Fevered Sleep was established in 1996 by artistic directors Sam Butler and David Harradine.  

All our work is made in collaboration with people outside the company, and participation is at the heart of everything we do.  We see our creative process as a kind of research: a way to investigate and reimagine the complex and challenging world in which we live.

We’ve worked with performers, designers, artists, scientists, doctors, teachers, vets, philosophers, social workers, all sorts of other adults and many, many children.

We invent new kinds of spaces which invite people to come together and share their experiences of things that matter.

We’re trying to make the world a more caring, curious, compassionate place, one unlikely art project at a time.


About our Residency with Sherrell House 

Gestures explores touch as a meaningful and joyful pathway to wellbeing. It has been developed by Fevered Sleep for Sherrell House Care Home through Magic Me’s Artists in Residence in Care Homes project.

Gestures has been created to intervene at a time when touch couldn’t be less present, but more important, for the staff, residents and relatives of Sherrell House. Its presence is intended to amplify and add value to existing care, whilst also expanding our understanding of what touch is and can be within this context, to support the wellbeing of staff, relatives and residents with all levels of need.  

Gestures as a body of work will be many things to meet the diverse needs of staff, residents and relatives, and as such, it will be designed and delivered by different artists with different expertise. However, the intention across all the components of this project, is to create work in collaboration with the care home, in order to have a more meaningful and long term impact for people at all stages of life. 

Images for grid and featured above Fevered Sleep – Men & Girls Dance (2016) photo by Matthew Andrews