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The subject of ‘touch’ has been present in our work for some time and we have been really keen to explore this further in new contexts. Working with Magic Me alongside the residents, and staff of a care home is such a wonderful opportunity to understand, listen and share on a much deeper level, and with wellbeing at the heart of the work, we can’t wait to get started.

Fearless about experimentation and passionate about research, we develop brave, thought-provoking projects that challenge people to rethink their relationships with each other and with the world.

We thrive on risk – in the themes we choose to explore and the forms we choose to work in – and we balance this by working to meticulously high standards with a dynamic team and with a wide range of collaborators: from world-class artists, expert thinkers and researchers, to members of the public, schoolchildren and our audiences.

Our projects appear in very diverse places, across the UK and beyond, from theatres, galleries and cinemas, to parks, beaches and schools, and in the spaces of everyday life: in people’s homes, on phones, online. Whatever we make and wherever it’s experienced, we’re driven by an ambition to present outstanding and transformative art that invites people to think, talk and feel differently about the world in which we live.

Images for grid and featured above Fevered Sleep – Men & Girls Dance (2016) photo by Matthew Andrews 

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