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January – April 2020

This was the first collaboration between Duncan Court extra care scheme and Lansbury Lawrence Primary School, working with artists Polly Beestone, who specialises in puppetry and Mia Harris, a designer and maker.

It’s using your brain as well as your hands. It’s creating something

Older participant

Duncan Court and Lansbury Lawrence had already established a relationship through the school’s choir, who had previously visited and sang for residents. As close neighbours they wanted to strengthen this connection with the support of Magic Me and create a lasting partnership.

During weekly sessions the group came together to explore themes of hidden messages using ice as a creative material. To begin with, the group began sharing stories and finding out about one another’s likes and dislikes through games. Ice was used as a material that could hold text and objects which when melted would reveal questions for the group to discuss.

I like how she’s never awkward.

Younger participant talking about one of the older adults

In March the group had begun to prepare for their final exhibition in which ice sculptures would be displayed at Duncan Court. However due to the changing circumstances of COVID-19, we were sadly unable to complete the project as expected. In order to capture what we had achieved so far artists Polly and Mia created a book for each of the group which included photos and messages to help us stay connected until we can meet again in person.

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