Digital Intimacy

Exploring digital experiences with an intergenerational group of men, who identify as gay, and how this impacts their non-virtual world

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At the sessions I always found a nice escape from everything, I was always really interested in what the older generation had to tell me and every time I left that room, I was in a noticeably better mood for the rest of the day.

Young Participant

About the Project

Over the course of eight weeks, an intergenerational group of men who identify as gay explored their experiences of the digital world, and how presenting themselves in gay online forums affects their sense of identity in the non-virtual world.

Working with artists Kieran Sheehan, Douglas Nicolson and Jake Kelly, they created a performance using movement, photography and video based on their discussions.

In 2013 the group presented their work at a sharing at the Central School for Speech and Drama

Gendered Intelligence

Opening Doors London

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All photos by Eduardo de Oliveira.