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Since 2008, curious directive has explored life through the lens of science. We forge sustained relationships between science communities, theatregoers & technology partners pursuing layered, emotionally charged science-led theatre. As stewards of theatre innovation we were the first theatre company to use the Periscope app for live streaming (2014), the first ‘Resident Theatre Company’ at a UK Science Festival (Cambridge 2015) and have created VR cuing software for live theatre (2017). Critically acclaimed, with 15 prestigious arts-science nominations and awards (including two Scotsman Fringe First Awards 2011 and 2014), we’ve been published six times (Methuen) and regularly work with world-leading science institutes. 

Featured image on grid is from our first Artists’ Residencies Project by Punchdrunk Enrinchment – photo credit Paul Cochrane

Features image above is from Artists’ Residencies in Care Homes Essex first artists’ cohort meeting in September 2019

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